About Us

Today it takes me exactly 14 seconds to com-mute to work. I simply walk from my coffee maker to my comfortable office chair to operate a business from my home that has grossed over $1 million dollars per year the last 9 years.

But things didn’t start out this way; in fact I racked up a lot of disappointments, even despair to get where I am today. But that’s o.k.

Why is failure o.k., because you learn from losing.

You learn to find something that works as a means of survival.

Now, the fact that you are looking to up your marketing game, means you are hungry for change – a better life – financial freedom – the ability to spend more time with your friends and family.

And you can make it happen if you really put your mind to it, but your journey can be costly unless you let me show you the shortcuts —shortcuts that will save you tens of thousands of dollars and ten years or more of trial and error.

How do I know?

Because I’ve done it. I struggled for years just to eeek out a living; much less have a dime left over after paying all the bills.

But what I learned from that long and winding road, bumps, ditches and even wreckage along the way—what I learned, I can teach you so you can leap ahead and have your marketing program operational and profitable in no time.

Let’s get real. I make a great living now and work from home. Who doesn’t want that.

But it took a lot to get there. A lot of trouble that you can avoid.
Here’s my path from failure to prosperity.

My first job was in the Oil & Gas business. Good job. Only problem was, at 21, I wasn’t ready for the responsibility, so they fired me.

Still, I saw lots of opportunity in the Oil & Gas business and con-tinued for several more years carving out a living until the bottom dropped out as the combination of changing tax laws and giant drops in the price of oil turned boom to bust.

And it couldn’t have come at a worse time because I had recently married and several years after, had a daughter.

About this time my father, who was a firefighter and part-time TV repairman, decided to open a consumer electronics store and I was pressed into service to join him.

As you can expect, technical knowledge like my father had for fix-ing TVs, was not the main skill set needed to run a retail store.

And since I was still rather young, I didn’t have the knowledge ei-ther, to make our store thrive.

But like most people, we launched on a hope and a dream and for almost 3 years, that’s all we had.

The real gut wrenching point came when I received one of those social security updates, you know where it shows what you contributed to date and what I would be eligible for if I was disabled, or what had accumulated for my old age.

Well guess what, for my last 3 years all I saw was great big fat zeros. Nada. Nothing.

Since we were a family operation, there was really no income, much less anything for contributing to social security.

Those zeros woke me up like a kick to the back of my head.
I had to find a way to make money. I had to find a way to get customers in the store. I had to find a way to get out of the financial rut.

So I doubled down on my work ethic and did get the store moving in the right direction, but at the end of the day I was struggling basically on minimum wage after we paid all expenses.

I then was determined to find out how to grow this business and like any business, the way you grow is with customers…

…customers who buy often, buy a lot and tell their friends to

So I started asking other business people I knew, how are you marketing your business? What is working?

Surely the advertising sales reps from the newspaper, radio and TV station all had wonderful advice, tied to buying something from them, but that didn’t bring me customers, even though I spent a small fortune following their advice.

So I took it upon myself to gather and study everything I could get my hands on about advertising and marketing, because unless you have customers walking in the door, calling you on the phone, responding to your ad or clicking to order on your website, you don’t have anything.

Using my new found knowledge and some downright secrets I dis-covered, I was able to stabilize our store and keep it going.

But more customers and sales pointed out another fatal flaw in our business, we didn’t know how to evaluate people who would come to work for us and worse—how to evaluate the products we planned to sell.

After 10 years of hope and despair and sometimes feast and always the threat of famine, our family business finally succumbed to the big box retailers that were popping up everywhere

I’m still sad to this day, when I think about all the time and effort my family put in only to see it evaporate into thin air and our having nothing to show for it, except the knowledge I gained.

Fortunately, my investment into advertising and marketing and more important, how to manage a going concern – did give me a set of skills to help other businesses.

After all, every business wants customers and armed with my ex-pert knowledge of marketing and business acumen, I started a consulting business.

I helped…

  • restaurants fill their tables,
  • realtors sell more property,
  • manufacturers get more orders,
  • beauty salons service more customers,
  • trucking companies carry more loads,
  • convenience stores increase walk-in traffic,
  • appliance stores move more merchandise,
  • and hotels book all the rooms they had.

As my reputation grew as a go-to advertising and marketing guy, I was approached by a large catalog company to assist their marketing department.

This was about 1999 and I stayed for several years helping them increase sales year over year.

Still, just like you, I hungered for a bigger and better opportunity.
So, about 9 years ago I started a business that I now operate out of my home as I operate 17 different websites.

Sales are consistently over $1 million dollars a year and I person-ally bank over 6 figures in income, each and every year, all without leaving home to trudge through the snow to get to work or slide off the road when it’s raining or listen to a boss who I know just doesn’t get it.

And to this day, I still get requests from businesses, entrepre-neurs and hungry individuals just like you, to share my knowledge of how I turned failure into a million dollar business.

There’s no fluff. No b.s. Just the hands-on ‘how to’ that you need to be wildly successful.

The BIG secret to profits is what I call ‘cost control marketing’.

Don’t spend almost 20 years as I did experimenting and doing trial and error and hope you get lucky.

Instead, get my FREE Marketing Opportunity Report.