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Are you “hoping” your sales improve?

Last week I spoke to furniture store owner who was “hoping” that sales would improve for his store.He was banking on next week’s “Clearance Sale” to really bump up the numbers.I asked him when was the last time he ran a clearance sale and he said 6 months ago.  I asked him, “So how did it do?”He said it was “OK”.Nothing spectacular?  “No”.I asked how often he ran such an event?  “Twice a year”.I asked him to look up the numbers and see how the clearance sale did a year ago…A couple minutes later, he got back on the phone and said, “Well looking up the numbers, it seems as though the numbers from my Clearance Sale aren’t anything to write home about.”I then asked, “OK, knowing that are you still hoping your Clearance Sale breaks through the dam of stagnant sales numbers?”His answer was of course “Yes”.I get that a lot from furniture retailers.They rely on stale and over-used sale events to try capture more market share… And it’s not going to work.Prospects are burned out on most of the boring sales events furniture stores run.They simply see those events too often.  And not just from you but your competition is running similar events.  After a couple of “Clearance Sales” and “Anniversary Sales” the general public starts to become immune.Bottom line is that running same-old, same-old events isn’t the answer.If you want to know what the answer is, give me a call 716-373-0983.

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